Learning English with Anne

season 1- 01. "Your Will Shall Decide Your Destiny"


obedient 말을 잘 듣는, 순종적인, 복종하는 A hard wokrer and obedient, like we asked for.
sullen 뚱한, 시무룩한 I couldn't tolerate a lazy boy or a sullen boy. 
abide 참다,견디다/머무르다,깃들이다 No, I couldn't abide it and I won't
be in a state 흥분하다, 보기에 흉한 꼴을 하다 You must be in a state.
absolve (책임등을)면제하다/용서하다,사면하다

"If all the world hated you, and believed you wicked...but your own conscience of you and absolved you from guilt....you would not be without friends."

orphan N.고아/ V.고아로 만들다 I haven't got any more orphans concealed hereabouts.
be aware (of)

~을 알다


I'm aware that I'm not much to look at, but even though I'm thin, I'm very strong.
knack 재주, 요령/~하는 버릇 I've come to know the exact knack of it. 
ecstatic 황홀해하는, 열광하는 I an ecstatic beyond measure that I'm going to belong to you and your sister. 
strive 분투하다, 전력하다 And I will strive to be just the best daughter that anybody could ever have. 
bliss 더없는 행복 That is my highest ideal of earthly bliss. 
aggravate 악화시키다/짜증나게하다 People are always telling me that I do, and it seems to cause aggravation. 
fetch 가지고(데리고/불러)오다/ 팔리다 He's fetching a hired hand?
notion 개념, 관념, 생각 What on earth put a notion into your head? 
sorrow (큰)슬픔, 비애/ 슬픈일 My lifelong sorrow.
distinguished 유명한, 성공한/ 기품[위엄]있는 Anne with an "E" looks much more distinguished.
distinctly 뚜렷하게, 명백하게, 의심할 나위 없이 But Mrs. Spencer said distinctly that you wanted a girl about my age.
dally 꾸물거리다, 미적거리다 Don't dally.
disrespect 무례, 결례 I don't mean any disrespect.
conundrum 난문제/ 수수께끼 I don't understan the conundrum.
coop up 칩거하다, 꼼짝않고 들어앉아있다 and I prefer to be outdoors instead of cooped up in a kitchen. 
fiddlesticks 말도 안 돼 (상대방의 말에 동의하지 않을때)  -None at all? -fiddlesticks!
incapable 무능한(↔capable) Do you consider yourself to be delicate and incapable?
bewitch 넋을 빼놓다, 홀리다/ 마법을 걸다 I believe that child has bewitched you. 
dispatch 보내다, 파견하다/ (편지 등을) 보내다, 발송하다 No, she's gotta be dispatched strightway back where she came from. 
queer 이상한, 괴상힌 You're both queer enough, that's for sure.
graveyard 묘지/폐기장 "My life is a perfect grabeyard of buried hopes."
ruckus 야단법석, 대소동 I'm used to a ruckus.
flighty 덜렁대는/(여자가)변덕이 심한 Oh, that Nancy is a terrible flighty thing.
providential 최우신조의 (=timely) I call this positively providential. 

I'm at my wits' end - 여기서 wit란 지혜의 끝에 있음을 의미

따라서 한계점에 도달해 어찌할 바를 모르겠는 상황에 쓰는 표현 

make up one's mind- 마음을 먹다, 결심을 굳히다


make up for -벌충(만회)하다

make up with- 화해하다


*If가 생략되면 주어와 동사의 위치가 바뀐다. 

-it wouldn't make sense for Matthew to take the time to put on his best set of clothes had there been an emergency. 

-Had I a book, I would press these sacred blossoms between its pages, so that I could be forever reminded of this treasured moment. 



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