The Story of Change

The Story of Change

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Over the recent decades, the question of saving the Universe has gained popularity. They proved that shopping adds to the pollution a lot. That is why scientists pound the alarm suggesting different ways of removal or at least reduction of the problem. This paper discusses the importance of changemaking and gathering together illustrated in the video so that to struggle against unscrupulous producers and forcing the politicians to take action.

Most of the books with the titles like A Hundred Ways to Save the Planet without Leaving Your House or A Little Green Book of Shopping carry out the idea that customers should buy green products, which we can potentially recycle. Today, it occurs that a constant choice follows the consumption. Customers should always carefully think what products they buy and what elements and toxic components these products include. In case of these merchandises are environmentally unfriendly, it is their fault that the Earth is so polluted.

I completely disagree with such an idea because buyers cannot change the situation if the entrepreneurs keep on producing the same offensively un-tree-hugger goods. Of course, the consumers should try to buy the least toxic and the fairest products. However, the politicians ought to stop taking bribes and providing the producers with the fake certificates since it is the way the modern process of production looks like.

The video mainly focuses on the conception that the citizens should come together and demand rules that work. From my point of view, that is what is surely going to work. One person cannot set up a massive change. A community is what they call a powerful force.

Exceptionally, I like the idea of the three components of the change represented in this video. Accordingly, the change is a combination of an idea, community, and action. Firstly, the conception should be well-defined. It has to carry out the ways of changing something for the better for the whole community, not just a little part of it. Moreover, change ought to reflect the very heart of the problem. Secondly, all the citizens should participate in its implementation. From the history, great things happen when thousands of people unite into one coherent mechanism. Finally, the community should take action; that is where the problems usually start.

The matter is that nowadays the communities have strong ideas which thousands support, but people have not turned them into a massive action. We need to realize that not only the protestors are engaged in the process of making changes. For instance, if you are good at cookery, then you can come and feed all those around. Whatever you offer, a better future will need it. So, think what you can offer the community. Then, start voting. It is an essential part of turning the current situation upside down. Remember that the public should know what specifically you want.

In conclusion, we should thoroughly consider the aspects of production and consumption. Customers should change themselves from ordinary inactive buyers to the enthusiastic force that is ready to change the whole system. If we want a better living, we should demand the change of the game rules. We have to stop entrepreneurs from producing toxic merchandises and prevent politicians from taking bribes so that to change our future for the better.

Mason Dillon is a talented writer at Whose hobby is to transfer his thought to the paper sheets.


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