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Ways To Say "I Hate You"
I recently posted “Ways to say I love you!”
A friend asked if I’d post “Ways to say I hate you!”
Here you go.......
You suck
You are a dumbass
You look like shit
You look fat
I am tired of you
I hate the day I laid my eyes on you
You smell
You have bad breath
Leave me alone
You make me wanna puke
You make me sick
I loathe you
Fuc* you
Fuc* off
I dont give a damn about you
I dont give a shit about your feelings
If you wanna cry, go somewhere else and cry
Stop bugging me
You are a bitch(female)/bastard(male)
Die bitch
You are pathetic
You are a moron
You are a jerk
You are an as*hole
Get lost

FYI: I have materials about how and when to use the “f” word. However, I can’t post it on my moments as it will be censored. Send me a private message if you’d like this information.


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