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11 Ways To Say Sad
We all feel sad sometimes, but how about being a bit more specific about how you feel.

1. Depressed
|dɪˈprɛst| adj
A person in a state of unhappiness
"I have no job, no girlfriend, no house 
I feel depressed."

2. Gloomy 
|ˈɡluːmi| adj
Causing or feeling depression or despondency
"All this rain, and dark clouds, I feel so

3. Miserable
 |ˈmɪz(ə)rəb(ə)l| adj
A person who is very unhappy or uncomfortable.
"My boyfriend left me, I'm miserable
without him."

4. Cheerless
|ˈtʃɪəlɪs| adj
Gloomy, depressing
"England's performance at Euro 2016,
can best be described as cheerless."

5. Unhappy
 |ʌnˈhapi| adj
Not happy, unfortunate
"I am unhappy my wife has to work 
on Sunday."

6. Forlorn
|fəˈlɔːn| adj
Pitifully sad and abandoned or lonely
"I feel forlorn without my dog."

7. Sorrowful
 |ˈsɒrə(ʊ)fʊl, ˈsɒrə(ʊ)f(ə)l| adj
feeling or showing grief
"The funeral was a sorrowful affair."

8. Upset
|ʌpˈsɛt| adj
unhappy, disappointed or worried
"I'm upset about my IELTS score.

9. Downcast
|ˈdaʊnkɑːst| adj
A person feeling despondent
"She looks so downcast, what happened?"

10. Tearful
|ˈtɪəfʊl, ˈtɪəf(ə)l| adj
Causing you to feel sad or emotional
"I Feel tearful since I got the news."

11. Somber
|ˈsɒmbə| adj
having a feeling of deep seriousness 
or sadness
"Everyone is so somber after that horrible earthquake.”


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