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Netarea Measurement Analysis

Netarea measurement is to get the mean value and the area of the peak.

This function is useful when the intensity is required.

For this analysis, two type of functions are available:

  • direct netarea measurement from the total singles spectrum(covers total range of time).
  • netarea measurement from the singles spectrum after the time cut.(Refer to 'Time Gamma-ray Spectroscopy Analysis' chapter.)

Moreover, two cases can be considered:

  • with an efficiency curve data file. Thus, the result provides the corrected value.
  • without an efficiency curve data file. In this case, users should calculate corrected values theirselves.

The efficiency data file information is that:

  • it should have *.root type.
  • in this data file, fitting result in TF1 object should be contained.

Consequently, if you extracted and saved the efficiency data file by own, you can use it to get the corrected netcount of the peak.

In this chapter, the efficiency file is used.

1. load the efficiency data file in T.Gated Spectrum tab.

2. move to Projected Spectra tab, zoom the range near the peak you want, and set the gate condition by double-clicking.

This time, the gate condition may have two values because of unnecessary of the background rejection.

3. press NET AREA button and move to Gated Spectrum tab for the result.

Now, let's start to get the netarea of the same peak but from the gated singles spectrum not the full range one.

4. move to T.Gated Spectrum tab, set the gate condition, and press NET AREA in T.Gated Spectrum tab. Notice that this function is different from the previous one which is in Projected Spectra tab.

This time, the spectrum was set by 0 to 500 ms time cut due to the previous chapter.

5. check the result and compare to the previous one.

You may notice the difference.


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