KAIST Mobile Software Project - Drone Heliport Platform

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4. Design heliport and the implementation

We need heliport for landing and charging of drone. 

We should design to consider that recognition process of picture pattern, colors of heliport and

finding precise position.

Below picture is very very rougly designed heliport before sometimes.

* Risk 1

Basically, the process of drone landing has below sequence.

       1. Movement using GPS information

       2. Movement using Beacon information

       3. Movement using image processing for precise landing

       4. Landing

While drone is landing, landing position can have error between drone posigion and charging position

of heliport. To overcome this error and charging drone without a problem, we should design the point

of contact as well as possible.


* Risk 2

Charging drone should be possible while drone is working.

In other words, without disconnecting of power supply, the batter should be rechargerable.

In case of this, we already checked that there was no problem when we arranged power supply line and

charger line parallely, We are going to test this.



* Making heliport like design






※ Charging test









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