KAIST Mobile Software Project - Drone Heliport Platform

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2. Assembling Drone and First flight


* Assembling Drone

This is not a finished product. We should assemble everything from one to one hundred.

Basically, supporting power from batter to transmission, from transmission to the motor is very

important so, soldering is necessary.

To prevent damage of electronic circuit when the Drone is dropped by accidents, we should take care

of desining framework and arrange of each component.

After assembling Drone, arranging electric wire is necessary and battery should be fastened tightly.

One more important thing is that motor specification is decided by battery specification.

We should consider this when we select battery and motor.


Below pictures show the process of assembling Drone.









* The first flight of Drone

The drone is for expert so controlling was very very difficult.

(따라서 위 4번 고려사항은 충족하지 못함 ㅠㅠ)

After sometimes, drone crashed with tree and dropped on the ground. Finally, the flight wing

was broken.ㅠㅠ We realized that much traning is necessary for controlling flight product.

And the most important thing is safety issue so we could test flight easily. Everything is difficult..;;


We temporally repaired it using glue and tie cable. It is working fortunately.


We purchased simulator and did do practicing flight control.


Night flight, Mode GPS, Hovering video(11pm, 4th November)



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