Offline meeting - DEC. 18. 2014

Thank you all for coming and your active participation!

Also thanks to those who participated online, sorry about the quality of the screen and sound. We'll come up with a better way for online participation. 

What we talked about 

  • Purpose of the project (by Nasol Kim)
  • How to participate as a programmer (by Lee Hosung)  (a screencast to be uploaded)
  • What features to add (Group discussion and presentation) (a summary to be added)

A cut from a discussion


Who attended

  • 이호성
  • 김나솔
  • Sangjin Sim
  • Shekhar Dhir
  • Seoh Char
  • Byung joo kim
  • Charlie Lee
  • 신명수
  • Sangjun Park
  • Kyoung-june Yi

Next move

We're planning a Hakathon on January 9th, 2015 (20:00 p.m. ~ 05:00. a.m).


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