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"First son is important" culture.

장남 선호 문화

We call the 장남 of the family, 장손. If you read about korean titles, you know that 손자 means grand child. 장손 was very important. Anyway Women had to have a son! Not a daughter.

They even aborted her... if the fetus was female. That's why there are more man than woman in korea. It's not my opinion... but real statistics. Korea banned doctors from imforming the sex of the fetus to their parents.

My father is the last son. But my father's brothers didn't have son, only girl. I am 장남the first son of my father. -Exactly i am twins. My brother was born only about 30 minuts later after I had born.- But I became the 장손 of my family.

If 장남 don't had a son... He adopted brother's son as 장남. It was still common just about 20 years ago. My father thought whether he have to give? me to his 형. But he didn't. I heard it just a few years ago. 


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