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a blanket made of human's hair


My grand parents give to 장남me a family's treasure... It was a 인모이불 blanket made of human's hair! My father said The last king of 조선, 고종gojong gave it to our ancestor.

Korean cuture is influenced by China. Especially Budhism불교 and Confucianism유교.

유교 teach us... 身體髮膚 受之父母 不敢毁傷 孝之始也

Even human's hair and skin are also presents from the parents. It is the beginning of 효孝 to dare not damage it.

효, 효도하다 = respect, serve, take care of, be devote to one's parents

We didn't cut our hair. When the Japan empire ordered us to cut our hair - We call the tragedy 단발령 Short hair order-, korean resisted and some even commited suicide.

It means that the blanket's hairs fall out naturally. Someone made people to collect them a lot enough to make a large thick blanket.

I don't know why they made it. It should be a real treasure... It looks very scary.

But now I am not the 장손. Because 제 아버지의 형 has a son now! I said his name, 김준희. He is also not the first son of first son, but he is 제 아버지의 형의 아들. He is above than me in family tree. Now He is an adult and the new 장손of our family. However He doesn't want my? treasure.


It is still in my room today.


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