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The Law prohibiting same family names marriage

동성 동본 결혼 금지법

One whom i loved a year ago is also a Kim from Kim's sea. So she rejected me, because of we are same family.

The law was stupid. Because we only follow the father's family. Even if the two are same family, the Genes has been mixed enough. As I said, Kim is most common family in korea. It means I can't get married with 8.6% koreans of most common family.

Of course We abolished the law at 1997, After two year i was born. But most koreans still believe the culture. She said to me that "I know the law was abolished. I think that my ancestor may forged the 족보. But my parents will not admit and You don't have to love me."

Like other tradition, You can see it on korean movies or dramas like '응답하라1988'

In the drama the girl loves a boy in same family.

But her father said...."He can't! Others all can. But He can't. You know the reason, right? 선우는 안 된다. 다른 사람은 다 되도. 선우는 안되. 너도 왜 그런지 알지?"


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