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The history of kim family from kim's sea.

김해 김씨 가문의 역사

There were another kim's family. We can classify them by their origin.

  • Before 조선 there was 고려Goryeo.
  • Before 고려 there was 통일 신라United silla.
  • Before 통일 신라 there were 고구려Goguryeo, 백제Baekje, 신라Silla, 가야 왕국들 Gaya kingdoms.

It's the start point of our story.

My ancestor came from 가야 왕국들Gaya kingdoms. especially 금관 가야 Gold Crown Gaya. That's why my family name is 金김kim, the gold 금.

At the southest of korea, there is 김해kim's sea. It is where 가야 왕국들 were, The origin of my ancestor. So people call us 김해 김씨 가문 kim family from kim's sea.

According to the records, 금관 가야's first king 김수로金首露 was the Origin of Kim family.

Was the King kimsuro married with a princess of the india?

He was married with 허황옥許黃玉 the princess of Ayuta. One of the record said that she came from india. Ayuta is similar to ayodi which is the old name of a country of india. So some historian belive that She really came from India, especially tamil. In fact Koraen and Tamil languague have many common words. At least more than 100 ~ 500. I heard it from my Tamil friend in tandem.

Gayas were conquered. but... 

And then silla conquered the Gaya kingdoms. Silla made Gaya's nobles to be Silla's nobles.

For example 김유신, one of kim's family, was a great general of silla's army. I want to tell his story.

One of my friends hates Kim's family.

When i asked her the reason, she said to me interesting story. When 김유신 was young, he usually ride a horse to play and for prostitution. But he soon realized that It is bad. He decided not to go there. Then He did.

But one day, he took a nap on his horse. The horse took him to the bad place, As he did. Then he woke up. He realized the situation, What the horse? did.

He killed the horse right away with his sword.

The friend of me loves to watch horse's animation [My little ponny] series. She likes horse very much. She can't understand what 김유신 did. It was his fault, not horse's. I understanded her. I said sorry to her and the horse, on behalf of my family. She forgave me on behalf of the horse, Because I am a vegan and do a lot of things for animals.

Silla with 김유신 unify the three countries.

As I said, 김유신 had became a great general. He was not the young jerk anymore. Silla with 김유신 conquered the other countries 고구려, 백제. They became 통일신라United Silla. It has been a inspiration for historical movies or dramas. If you want more history. You can watch them or read a book about three countries삼국 of korea.

Anyway, Kim's family was the top contributor to unification. They prospered.


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