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Female's and male's names.

여자와 남자 이름.

Most korean's usually guess one's gender by name.

According to the name statistics... at 2008

  • Most common female's names : 서연, 민서, 서현, 지민, 서윤, 지우, 하은, 수빈, 예은, 윤서, 지윤, 은서, 예원, 민지, 지원, 유진, 채원, 서영, 예진, 수민, 예린
    • As you see, ㅊ,ㅇ (ㄹ) for first consonant, (ㅔ),ㅖ,ㅝ,ㅠ,ㅡ for vowel ... 채, 은, 원, 영, 예... are commonly used for female's name.
  • Most common male's names : 민준, 지훈, 현우, 준서, 예준, 건우, 현준, 지후, 우진, 서준, 준혁, 지호, 시우, 도현, 민재, 승민, 민성, 동현, 승현, 준우
    • ㅎ,ㄱ,ㄷ, ㅗ, ㅐ, ㄱ, ㄹ ​준, 훈, 혁, 승, 우, 도, 동, 운, 역,  are commonly used for male's name.
  • and ㅅ,ㅈ ,ㅁ,ㅣ,ㅓ,ㅜ 민, 서, 지, 진, are  commonly used for both.
  • You may heard some of them.
    • ​도민준, 이휘경ㅎㄱ, 이재ㄱ / 유미 From the drama [Love from the star 별에서 온 그대] Actually 천송이 is also female's name. It is not chinese character, but korean counting unit for flower. So her name means a thousand of (flowers).
    • 리정, 리무승준/ 윤세리 From the drama [Crash Landing on You 사랑의 불시착]
    • 진, 민윤, 정호, 김남, 김태, 전정 From The boys group BTS's members
    • 나, 강혜원, 이연, 김채원, 조유리, 안유진, 장원영 From a girls group IZ*ONE's members.

Of course there are gender neutral names. My name 태희 is a example. I am a man, but famous korean actress 김태희 is a woman. Because she is famous, Some people mistake that I may be a woman. But actually 태희 was a gender neutral in the past. I met both men and women whose names are 태희.

And there are men who have female's name, and women who have male's name.

For example. The BTS's member, 박지민 is very common female's name. He may was named 지민 because 지 and 민 are both common gender neutral character(지훈, 민준), But 지민 is not.


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