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Rule2. Use dictionary and translator. But to test , not to rely.

사전과 번역기를 써보세요!

I recommend you to make today's word list. You can search words about today's theme from a dictionary. For example You want to talk about music today. What do you need to describe music?

Example step2

You can find these words from dictionary or translator. I recommend you Papago made by a korean company. They are better at korean than google. Machine translations still can be absurd... but That's why you meet native at Tandem.

ride a bike 자전거를 타다.

  • in ~에서.
  • capital 수도.
  • discover 발견하다.
  • new 새로운.
  • street 거리
  • and 그리고
  • different 다른
  • views 풍경, 경치

At first, Any word would be unfamiliar to you. But If you keep learning, You will use many words without these aid. You can practice korean words whenever you try to remember them.

If you have learned the 요 style, you can use it instead of 합니다style. I will be more in spoken style than written style. You may think "자다 =>자요. so I can change ~다 into ~요." Of course you can be wrong. But test it. Then what to do? Say it as you want.

"수도에서 자전거를 타요. 당신은 새로운 거리를 발견요. 그리고 다른 풍경 발견요."


Also I wanna tell you that koreans don't care about the tense, especially the future tense.

  • "Then, what are you going to do? 이제, 뭐 할 거니?"
  • "I am going to go to the school. 학교 가요." = "I go to school 학교 가요." 학교 school, 가요. go


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