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Topic2 취미가 뭐예요? What do you do for fun?

In tandem, We generally start conversation대화 by asking hobbies취미. It's not only in online. You want to get close to someone, you can use it.

  • 1. "What do you like?" Ria 씨는 무엇을 좋아해요?
    • 무엇 what
    • ~을/~를 mark for the object in the sentence. You can omit them If it is clear in context.
      • Which do we use betweent ~을 vs ~를. We will learn it at Topic4
  • 2. "What do you do for fun?" 취미는 뭐예요? literaly "What's (your) hobbies"
    • And we can answer like this.
    • 뭐 = shortened form of  무엇
  • 3. "I like listening to music." 음악을 듣는 걸 좋아해요.
    • 음악 = music
    • 들어요 = listen
    • 듣는 = shortened form of 듣는 것을 = listening to
  • 4. "My hobby is reading books." 제 취미는 책 읽기예요. 
    • 책 = books, a book
    • 읽어요 = read, 읽기 = reading
    • ~하기 = it change the verb into noun. For example 음악 듣기 = listening to music.
    • You can add more detail as much as you want.
  • 5. "I like watching korean movies like Joonho Bong's. The stories are impressive. The themes and details are also good."
  • 봉준호 감독 같은 한국 영화를 보는 걸 좋아해요. 이야기가 인상적이에요. 주제와 디테일도 좋아요."
    • 영화 = a movie, movies
    • 보아요 = watch, see 보는 걸 = watching, seeing (as a object)
    • 이야기 = story
    • 인상적이에요 = be impressive. 인상적인 = impressive(adjective). EX) 인상적인 책 impressive book
    • 주제 = theme
    • 좋아요 = be good, 좋은 = good(adjective). EX) 좋은 음악 good music 
    • 감독 = director


Korean usually omit or shorten.

There are a lot of ambiguity. So we have to focus on the context where the words are used. Linguists call korean contextual languague. Korean is concise and efficient, but also hard to understand the context.

Lesson5 ~같은 like vs 좋아해요 vs 좋아요like, be good

In korea 좋은 = good. This word is the root of 좋아해요, 좋아요.


  • 좋아해요 only means "like" in english.
    • (저는) Natural 아이즈원을 좋아해요. I like IZ*ONE
  • But 좋아요 can mean both "like" and "be good"
    • Natural IZ*ONE은 좋아요.  IZ*ONE is good / (I like IZ*ONE)
      • IZ*ONE = a idol girl group of korean and japan
    • Natural 그 노래는 좋아요. The song is good. / (I like the song)
    • But there already is 좋아해요 for meaning "Like". And '은/는' usually be the mark for the Subject. So 좋아요 usually means "be good"
  • If you mean A is like B for C, You can say "A는 C에게 B같아요.
    • Natural 태희 씨는 저에게 가족 같아요. He is like a family for me
      • ​(if you say it to me... you mean "You are like a family for me." of course)
    • Natural 학교는 저희에게 감옥같아요. The school is like a prison to us.
      • 저희, 우리 = we



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